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Ealing Automatic driving school automatic or Manual Driving Lessons ?


    Ealing driving school have driving Instructors for Automatic and manual driving lessons. Emergency car hire with instructor for short notice driving test, Automatic Driving Instructors or Manual Driving Instructors. Automatic lessons the choice for more relaxed learning.

  • Intensive driving courses, short notice driving tests

    Fully qualified driving Instructors in Ealing, Chiswick, Hammersmith, Acton, Shepherds bush, Hounslow, Richmond, Kew, Brentford, Notting hill, Fulham, Kesington.

  • Personal preference

    Some people like the control with a manual car and some prefer less stress with automatic. You do have more control with gears and you typically get better fuel mileage but an automatic car is better in London's traffic. It is advisable to take manual driving lessons as you then have a choice to driving either manual or automatic car. If you pass with an automatic car you are only licence to drive an automatic car.

Why choose automatic driving lessons?

Automatic driving lessons are getting increasingly popular. Here are just a few reasons why!

Advantages of learning with an automatic car:

– No stalling in automatic car or rolling back on hills.

– No clutch and no gears to coordinate.

– More time to concentrate on controlling the car.

– More time to develop judgment of speed and steering skills.

– More time available to concentrate on reading the road ahead.

– Get to test standard more quickly.

– Better suited to the stop/start of town and city driving.

– Small price difference between automatic and manual car driving lessons.

– Most small cars now offer an automatic option.

Learn in a shorter time period-More confidence -Less distraction – Less tiring -Be independent on the road quicker

Pupils have turned to automatic driving lessons to pass in the shortest possible time or because they have had difficulties which has affected their coordination in some way or have restricted movement because of some form of disability.

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Ealing Automatic Driving School


Short notice driving tests

Need a quick practical driving test guaranteed?

We check, change and book your automatic or Manual Practical driving tests car hire / rental.

Why not pass with our Intensive Driving Course, Going from provisional Licence to Full Driving Licence in a 1-4 weeks Period.

Intensive driving courses. Let us check and change your DSA practical driving test guaranteed with-in 2 weeks.

We provide a complete package for the learner driver, enabling you to pass your driving test in 10 days with our intensive driving courses. We take pride in our ability to turn a learner driver with little or no experience into a safe and confident driver in the shortest time possible.

All of our intensive driving courses are conducted on a 1-2-1 basis.

We believe that 1-2-1 intensive driving courses are the most effective method of accelerated learning. All our driving instructors are highly qualified DSA registered and CRB checked.

Intensive driving courses

our intensive driving courses are designed to encourage and motivate you in a relaxed and friendly manner. Your Instructor will take you through the official DSA syllabus step by step, thus ensuring that you are trained to the standard required to pass your driving test by the end of your course.

Our courses are designed around your requirements and abilities. Your classroom is the instructors car and you do not share his attention with any other students. This is a driving course for you to gain the necessary experience and skills to firstly be a safe driver and PASS your practical driving test with confidence.

Intensive or crash courses can take many forms, from the person who wants to get their Licence in a 1-2 weeks intensive course to a 2-3 months course.

The next step is to plan the time off and book a test accordingly so the course, we Guarantee you a driving test booking within two weeks or sooner.

Nervous drivers specialist

we have had many nervous drivers who have come to us, who have found that the fear factor of coordinating the clutch and gear selection too much for them.

High pass rates speak for themselves, with our carefully structured driving lessons with you in mind, our fully qualified experienced driving instructors will assess your driving style and ability in order to tailor lessons around the areas learner drivers need for extra practice in order to you the highest possible chance to pass your driving as quickly as possible.

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