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An emergency test booking and car hire, is for an urgent situation for which the candidate needs to pass quickly in the shortest possible time, which could be for a variety of reasons, Job, leaving for university, personal health situation or just want to pass the driving test quickly and don’t want to wait for long period for a normal driving test.
There are some situation where the Candidate’s Driving Instructor can’t make the driving test or maybe double booked. what ever the reason we are here to help with the supply for an emergency Driving Instructor with car for your driving test in the London areas.

Chiswick automatic driving school

Our Driving School Cars are fully insured for the purpose of driving tests, we cover all candidates including automatic, manual cars and extended driving tests. The car hire includes an hour lesson before the test which will help you feel comfortable with the vehicle.

Local Driving Instructor’s helpful knowledge of the test routes and tips pointing out particular difficult locations, such as busy dual carriageways, roundabouts, faded road marking or obstructed road signs, that might have failed candidates in the past.


Are you permitted to use a normal hire car for driving test?

Most of the major car hire companies will not have dual controls and are probably not insured for learner drivers taking the DVSA practical driving test.

If you turn up for a driving test in a hired car you could be turned away by the examiner. If your car doesn’t meet the requirements, your driving test will be cancelled and you will lose the practical driving test fee.

we cover,

Isleworth, Ashford, Greenford, Pinner, Hayes,

Southall, Uxbridge, Mill Hill, Hendon, Tolworth,

Reading, Borehamwood, Barnet,

and most of the London test centres


If you have a Driving Instructor he/she will be able to advice you on what sort of hours you will need according to your performance. If you don’t have an Instructor we can help with an assessment lesson before your driving test to make sure you are well prepared before the test.

Which DSA practical test centre to choose?
When would you like your short notice test?
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7Practical driving test for Manual or Automatic car?

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