How to find a DVSA cancellation driving test in the UK?

Finding a DVSA cancellation driving test is considerably harder after the covid period. 
Here are some methods and suggestions to find a cancellation test:

1. Visit the DVSA website: Official website: The best option is to check regularly on  the DVSA’s booking website for available test dates. Cancellations can occur at any time of the day, so refreshing the booking page and regularly checking is crucial.

2. Log in with your driving licence number and theory test pass certificate number to view available test dates. Monday morning at 6am is usually when new dates are released

3. Use Cancellation Finder Services: Third-Party Services: There are websites and apps can help you find  cancellation driving tests. These services usually charge a fee, however in our experience are not reliable, i.e. by the time you get a message of a test date and have logged in the dates have gone.

4. If you are just starting learning to drive and have passed your theory test, it is advisable to book a test in advance, as test dates 4-5 months away are easier to find.

5. We can assist finding test dates only for customers who are taking automatic driving lessons with us.